Richard About Me

Richard has been on the cutting edge his entire life and always in search of a new challenge to overcome. Growing up on the coast, he was an avid water-skier and competition surfer. He began flying at age 7 and soloed at 16. He went on to serve with U.S. Navy fighter and attack squadrons and continued flying aerobatics following his 15 years of active and reserve military service. Clearly with a “need for speed,” Richard has a passion for motor sports where he progressed from go-karts to Formula 2000 race cars, winning the national championship in that highly competitive series. After retiring from race car driving, he transitioned to stunt driving where he has been an instructor with one of the industry’s most prestigious schools. It was that stunt connection to the film industry that inspired him to become an actor. In and among all that, he has had a very successful business career as a senior executive and CEO in major corporations and in his own privately held companies. All this combines to give him a depth and breadth of life experience that provides a diverse foundation to his acting and inspires the characters he takes on.

Richard has and continues to train religiously with recognized leaders in the acting world on a constant quest to continually grow and improve – clearly driven by his champion’s mentality. His remarkable success in a comparatively short time is testament to his work ethic.

Richard’s professionalism, team spirit, talent and sense of humor make him a highly sought-after cast member for film, television and commercial productions.