Richard About Me

The drive that made him a successful business executive, a United States Naval officer, aviator, national champion race car driver and stunt driving instructor has also made him an actor in high demand for film, television and commercial projects. He offers a cornucopia of real life experiences that puts him in a class by himself.

Here is what some critics and directors have had to say about him:

“Richard can go from the nicest guy in the world to R. Lee Ermey incarnate from Full Metal Jacket on a dime.”

“The serious props for this film have to go to relative indie newcomer Richard Lippert.”


“Lippert approaches his character coyly and craftily.”

“Richard Lippert is all kinds of steely evil as the Satanist stalker.”

“It would have been nice to have seen a bit more of the believably menacing Richard Lippert in the scenes throughout the film.”